DIY: Pallet Shelf

THis quick tutorial will turn a pallet into a shabby chic shelf that was worth the effort

With Jacqueline Carr


What you'll need: pallet, primer, paint, scrap wood (optional), paint brush(es), mallet (if adding shelves), mirror or picture hanging kit, sandpaper bar or sheet (mild-medium)

There pallets of all sizes and styles, so make sure you know what you're looking for before you begin. You want one that is in good condition - not split or broken. Start by removing any unwanted splinters or old paint using a mild/medium sandpaper bar - it's easy to hold and has different grain on each side. Next, prime your pallet. Don't skip this step. I learned the hard way that these pallets absorb the first coat of paint. This can get costly if you are using a specialty paint. Two coats of primer is safe. Make sure it is completely dry before moving on.

Next, paint. This can be one or more colors depending on the look you want. If you're going for a distressed look and do not want to buy a specialty paint, simply wipe the surface with a rag while the paint is wet. Do this until your desired effect is achieved. Allow dry time between each coat. Once all of your painting is done and dry, add the optional pre-painted shelves. I added a shelf on the lower left and upper right using scrap 1x4s. Simply measure how long and wide your shelf needs to be and your local hardware store will cut it for you. Then, using a mallet, lightly hammer the piece into position. When hanging, be sure to overcompensate using anchors or OOK Hangers that each hold 50+ lbs.

Pictured: Martha Stewart Living Paintable White Crackle Paint, Martha Stewart Living Redwood Crackle Paint, and Martha Stewart Living Golden Pearl Metallic Paint 

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