While some enjoy the sunshine, others hate when there’s too much sun. Imagine walking in the city wearing a suit in the middle of the day. You’ll be drenched with sweat all over, and that doesn’t leave a good impression on your colleagues or business partners when going to aContinue Reading

Kota Lama in Semarang, Central Java, through the Dutch colonization, has been a middle of government and trading action of Semarang. Becoming the middle of Dutch activities in Semarang, the buildings use the architectural grandeur of European construction. The usage of these buildings is different now but, still, you mayContinue Reading

There is perhaps nothing more important in today’s digital age than to protect your personal and financial information. Every time you log in on your email or social media account, you leave a piece of you for hackers and cybercriminals to exploit. When you search for a beauty product onContinue Reading

Retinal, in other words, is called retinaldehyde. Retinal is a serum used for anti-ageing issues. It is a powerful formula of vitamin A. Using retinol for a longer time is prone to blemishes and makes the skin soft, clear, and radiant. It mainly acts as an anti-ageing solution and worksContinue Reading

Buying a car is an important purchase. When you are planning to buy a used car, you need to be extra careful. New cars have a long warranty, but there is no assurance when buying a used vehicle. So, it is important to inspect everything before making the purchase. ThereContinue Reading