How Good Is Digital TV Compared To Streaming Services

With the introduction of streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime into the media industry, many of us predicted the death of cable TV to come around soon. But what we didn’t anticipate was that cable providers would find a way to stay relevant in the industry.

Streaming services may have dominated the media industry in the last couple of years, but cable providers have managed to roll out something call Digital TV Services. Digital TV is a few steps ahead of the standard cable TV, with several features that are even compatible with Smart TVs.

Digital TV Is Nothing Like the Standard Cable Service

Several providers have managed to introduce digital TV services among their catalogues to bring customers a little different experience. So what are some common features every Digital TV Service Provider offers?

  1. Over a hundred television channels, national and international. Many of them include some of the most popular networks that would be difficult to find on a standard cable service.
  2. An On Demand library with over thousands of choices to choose from for the perfect movie night with your loved ones. Some of these choices would probably not be found on selective streaming services, and that gives Digital TV the upper hand.
  3. Certain Digital TV providers have their own mobile apps to allow customers the freedom to watch live TV and other On Demand options on the go! A feature that streaming services offer as well.

Bundles at Affordable Rates

What’s even better about Digital TV is that almost every provider offers bundles at the most affordable rates, which will surely raise the question of whether should you really subscribe to another streaming service or if one is enough.

One of the most renowned Internet, Phone and TV providers, TDS, offers the best bundles you could find. Enjoy packages that include TDS Digital TV services along with TDS Wi-Fi and unlimited nationwide calling with the TDS Phone plan.

With bundles customers can enjoy not just one, but two or all three services provided by these companies. Get fast, reliable internet, unlimited nationwide calling and of course, a Digital TV service. Compared to streaming services that probably cost around a third of these bundles and still lack in several ways, wouldn’t you want to opt for Digital TV and high-speed internet all in one great price?

One great aspect about Digital TV is that it is compatible with Smart TVs, so it really feels good to have a cable service that really works with well with the features of your Smart TV. Imagine having to watch all television channels in HD quality, and if your Smart TV supports Ultra 4K, then even better!

To Conclude

However, it really does come down to preferences and frankly finance and budgets. A student would probably prefer to subscribe to a streaming service that charges $14.98 monthly than Digital TV with internet services for $50 a month. Those would probably be best suited to big families or at least anyone that would still prefer to watch TV channels time and again. The new generation would most likely prefer things otherwise.

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