Potential Differences Between Brake Pads and Rotors

Your vehicle’s braking system is complicated but is undoubtedly important. This is the system that contains two important components; brake pads and brake rotors. Below are covered these two separate aspects and how different they can be.

The Brake Pads

Brake pads are rectangular steel plates that have friction material coated to them. This friction material usually is made up of metal, ceramic, or organic materials. The brake pads are compiled with the component that ranges from soft to hard materials, which are durable enough to accommodate a wide range of driving styles and car manufactures. These plates come affixed to a clamp mechanism known as brake calipers that demand pressure application to slow down the moving vehicle. This is entirely controlled with the brake pedal by the driver. A light pressure application makes your brake pads last even longer. Slamming unnecessarily will lead to wear them out.

The Brake Rotors

As the brake pads, the brake rotors are equally important. Also known as the brake discs, they are circular discs in shape. Being attached to the vehicle’s axle and spin, they seamlessly stay attached to the brake calipers till the brake pedals are pulled. This is when the brake calipers clamp to the rotor and the brake pads cause friction that ultimately leads the vehicle to slow down. This is made up of hard materials like grey cast iron or steel. There are ventilations provided that prevents overheating, usually used in larger vehicles. The smaller ones suit the smaller cars.

The Difference

Though having different functions, they ultimately collaborate to slow down your vehicle. Like the beginning, the building materials of both components are different. Pads are composed of softer materials while rotors are composed of tougher materials. The shapes are also different. Brake pads are thicker pieces of the rectangle while brake rotors are thin discs. Another big difference lies in the fact of how often do these parts require replacements. Brake pads are composed of materials that are less dense and require replacements quite quickly. If the braking system is used properly, the brake pads are known to last for as long as about 50,000 miles. With proper usage, brake rotors, on the other hand, are known to last for as long as 70,000 miles.

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