Retinal For Smooth and Clear Skin

Retinal, in other words, is called retinaldehyde. Retinal is a serum used for anti-ageing issues. It is a powerful formula of vitamin A. Using retinol for a longer time is prone to blemishes and makes the skin soft, clear, and radiant. It mainly acts as an anti-ageing solution and works 11 times faster than Retinol. It is a highly potent and efficacious skincare component with Vitamin A. Anyone who looks to promote cell turnover and to improve the skin by clearing wrinkles or anti-ageing can use retinal.

Difference Between Retinol and Retinol

Retinal and Retinol are not the same. There is a molecular difference between both retinal and Retinol. It is clinically proven that the Retinal produces results faster than Retinol. The effects of the retina are more powerful and not required for all skins and stages. For younger skin, Retinol may be far better to see the result. Therefore, it must be applied to the right skin type for various skin conditions. In other words, Retinal has all benefits of Retinol with added antibacterial activity.

How Retinal Works

Retinal works 11 times faster than Retinol. While combined and formulated with vitamin E, it targets wrinkles and antibacterial properties and promotes a clear and healthy complexion. Applying retinal on the face three times a week, the skin looks brighter and clear. The overnight serum retextures the complexion and softens the face. In 4 weeks, the skin will be smoother, younger, and radiant.

Benefits of Using Retinal

Whatever the skin type, the retinal works on any complexion and delivers a long list of benefits.

  • Continuously applying the skin results in smoother and new cells turn out to present radiant and clear skin.
  • It works from the deep skin and boosts collagen synthesis for anti-ageing benefits.
  • It repairs the tissue and increases the elasticity of the skin.
  • It helps to clear the pores.

Side Effects

Applying retinal can cause slight irritation to the skin when introduced. But this irritation is temporary. Generally, it happens when vitamin A is used in high quantities. Applying vitamin A gradually in a routine manner is the best solution for this irritation. Once the skin is used to the tolerance to the component, it is recommended to move further to more strengthened products.

How to Use

Generally, cleanse the face before applying the retinal serum. It is recommended to apply during the evening. The retinal serum must be applied on the face and neck in limited quantities and can be increased gradually. It can even be used daily. It is advised to perform a patch test prior to the first use. Avoid using the Retinal in the morning or along with other products such as sunscreen lotion. It is recommended not to use it while pregnant or breastfeeding.

The retinal serum has a pH balance and is alcohol-free, and anyone can use it. The Retinal is used to present solutions to common skin problems like anti-ageing, reducing wrinkles and lines. It makes the skin look soft, clear, and radiant. The cells turn over within 28 days on an average note. However, it may take longer depending on the age. New cells that turnout faster make the skin smoother and softer. This serum would be perfect for all skin types, especially for oily skin type and pore refinement. For smooth, clear skin, check out Medik8 Retinal – The Skin Care Clinic.

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