Summer Blues: Don’t Let Fishing Injuries Ruin Your Summer

Are you looking for what you can do this summer with your family? Fishing is something you can try if you can’t wait to go out but still stay away from the crowds. Even if you have no clue how to fish, you can learn with your family this summer. And yes, if you look back at all those times you were locked down thanks to the virus, it’s high time you enjoy the outdoors and all the heat the sun can offer. Come to think of it, fishing can strengthen and mend relationships like no other. Catching that 30-pound striper and amazing brook trout can be one great glue to keep you together.

And yes, summer gives you a lot of time for this, considering the kids are on summer vacation. And what do you know? You’re in good company. From veteran actor Liam Neeson to star athlete Cristiano Ronaldo, you have top personalities who do fishing as a hobby. Indeed, fishing is one hobby that has gotten many people hooked.

But as much as it comes with benefits, it also comes with inherent risks. Many people get injured while fishing. Truth be told, while some of the injuries are mild, some can be very serious.

The good news is that you can prevent this from happening. Listed below are common fishing injuries to trouble you and how you can prevent those injuries from ruining your day.

Common Fishing Injuries 


Considering there’s water everywhere when fishing, there’s a high chance of slipping or even falling. It could be as a result of a wet dock or simply because your shoes are wet.

If you’re lucky, it could just be a slip. But if you don’t gain balance when you slip, you will fall. Falling hard can cause serious injuries. Top of the list is dislocations and fractures. Also, strains or sprains can happen with a fall. This is often seen among people that were not in shape before going fishing.

Injuries Caused by Equipment

The equipment you need is another hazard. Equipment is most important when going fishing, but it is also one of the most common causes of injury. For one, you can come in contact with fishhooks. This is known to be a source of minor tissue damage while fishing. And if you’re fishing in a powerboat, there’s also the chance of being injured by the propeller, which is never a pretty sight.

Overuse Injury

Another one to look out for is an overuse injury such as rotator cuff tendinitis, tennis elbow, or ligament tears. These injuries arise with repeated use of those muscles, such as when reeling or casting.  This injury is mainly a result of frequent repeated use of those muscles. So there’s a higher chance of this happening if you go fishing very often. If it’s just occasional, then you don’t have to worry so much about this.

Preventing Fishing Injuries

Keep Fit Beforehand 

As unnecessary as this may sound, it’s vital. Keeping fit before you go fishing will do you a lot of good. Do simple exercises that will help keep your muscles in shape. You can also do simple stretches to help your muscles become more flexible. This makes your fishing experience a lot easier.

Focus a bit more on your shoulder and forearm when doing your exercises. This is important because they would be used more while fishing. Staying fit will help you prevent slips, falls, strains and sprains.

Wear Proper Gear 

You also have to be well protected by wearing the right gear. Get non-slip shoes. This will help reduce the risk of slips and falls. Fishing boots like Xtratuf could help you keep your balance on a boat or any wet surface. For years, they have proven to maintain a legacy with non-slip shoes. You can wear them assured of 100% support of your feet on the ground.

You also need goggles or sunglasses (if you want something more fashionable). This is important to help protect your eyes from injury while fishing.

Be Careful with the Equipment

Ever heard the phrase, handle with care? This should be the case with your fishing equipment. Fish hooks are very sharp, and it’s easy for them to cause injury if not handled well. Also, objects like knives should be kept properly. They shouldn’t be left lying around.

It’s also fundamental to learn how to handle the fishing equipment well before using it. Not knowing how to use it can also cause injury since you will most likely be struggling to use it.

Prepare to Get Help 

The goal is to reduce the risk of getting injured as much as you can. With the tips above, you shouldn’t have a problem having an injury-free fishing experience. But even at that, you have to be prepared for anything. This means you need to ensure that someone can come to your rescue just in case something happens.

Going with your family is a good thing. At least there would be other people around to help out in case someone gets injured. Ensure you have your phone with you so that you can put a call through in case there’s an emergency. All the preparation is a small price to pay when you have the best fishing summer experience with your family.

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