Three Calls you Must Make After a Car Accident

Being in a car accident is an overwhelming experience. It can leave you shocked physically and mentally. You can be left stunned after the initial impact and not sure of what to do next. If you are in an accident, you must give some people a call to preserve any evidence that may be necessary to prove liability and damages in the future. Also, you must consult an experienced Jupiter accident lawyer to examine the circumstances surrounding your accident and whether or not you can recover damages for any injuries you sustained. Here are the important calls you must make after a car accident:

911 Call

After an accident, you need to call 911 first. Even if the accident doesn’t seem to cause serious injuries or significant damage, you must document evidence of how the accident took place and the extent of any injury the accident caused.

Usually, the first responders that respond to the 911 call will speak with every party involved in the accident. Also, all parties will get emergency medical services to evaluate injuries and assist the injured parties in getting the necessary treatment. The police will assess the car damage and get eyewitness accounts of how the accident happened. 

Insurance Company Call

If all medical needs have been tended to and the police have investigated the accident, you must contact your insurance company to report your accident. Drivers are required to have a certain amount of insurance and you can recover benefits of any injuries you sustained or the cost to repair your car through your insurance policy.

Aside from filing an insurance claim, you can also pursue litigation against the other driver. If you want to recover compensation from the other driver, you need to prove they caused the accident.

Your Lawyer

If the car accident has left you sustaining injuries and dealing with car damage, you must speak with a car accident attorney in Jupiter, FL to discuss your options for pursuing compensation. Your lawyer will offer effective representation and will work diligently, so you can get the damages you may be owed. You can usually set up a free and confidential consultation with them. 

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