Top 10 Retirement Tips For A Healthy, Wealthy And Happy Retirement!

Retirement is a stage after 60 years of age when you are asked to retire from your occupation. But this was the situation a few years back when the longevity of life was short, and employees received foxed pension. Today most of the people rely on retirement investment plans for pension or monthly income after retirement. This has changed the definition of retiring from occupation completely as now it has become more of slow transition. This means people now either work part-time after retirement or work in different capacity.

Retirement today needs more planning to make sure that you spend the golden period of your life in comfort. For this you must figure out which things are important for you and plan for your retirement accordingly. What are the most common expectations from retirement of a person? A post-retirement life that is happy, healthy and wealthy. Isn’t it?

Here are 10 tips that will guide you to set a retirement plan that is just how you imagined it to be.

  1. Decide your purpose – One can live life to the fullest only when he makes each day meaningful. And to make that happen you must know the purpose of your living. Which means you must define how you want to spend your days after retirement, which of the hobbies will you pursue, where do you wish to stay and places you want to travel. A retirement plan that is made by keeping a purpose in mind helps to achieve all of the goals and also create enough corpus to support the plan.
  2. Create a realistic retirement plan – You want to make post-retirement period the golden time of your life? Then the best way to achieve it is by creating a retirement plan that is enough to support you dreams and also realistic at the same time. A retirement plan calculator can help you in this process.
  3. Discuss the retirement plan with your spouse – Post-retirement life is time you finally get to dedicate to your family especially with your better-half. And it is always better to plan together for a better planning that will include both of your’s dreams and goals.
  4. Choose wisely when to retire – Nowadays retirement does not mean absolute retirement after 60’s. It just means slow transition from working full time to either working part-time or working different degrees. Thus it is important to decide at which age you retirement and to retire completely or partly.
  5. Stay busy – When they say do what you love and you will find your happiness, they actually mean it. A study says retirees who keep themselves busy are more happy and healthy from those who are idle.
  6. Spend time on your health – It is very crucial to spend some time on your health. Along with proper exercise and diet to keep your physical health on track it is also important to treat you mental health equally by engaging in activities you like.
  7. Learn new things – It is never too late to learn, if there is any passion that you left incomplete now is the time to learn it. Remember, there is no age restriction for learning. Add your passions to the list while you make a retirement plan.
  8. Make and follow a schedule – A free time doesn’t mean time is to be wasted. Make schedule and follow the schedule each day, this will keep your life organised and won’t keep you wondering what to be done with the idle time.
  9. Make a travel list – While in your working years it is difficult to take time for travelling places. Now is the best time to follow you wanderlust, all you need is desire and full-proof retirement plan.
  10. Choose income not investment – It is safe to take risks while you are working but after retirement corpus must be engaged in plans that will get you fixed income. Avoid taking investment risks to get more profit.

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