Understanding the process of meat sourcing.

What is meat sourcing?

 Meat sourcing is a standard way of acquiring meat or meat products from the main source or from the farmer’s farm ensuring you get the genuine product. It involves intelligently, ethically, and responsibly understanding the source of your meat. How the cattle and poultry are being bred. Are they being naturally reared? This ensures that your cost, supply, and benefits go hand in hand with your goals. It demands clearly understanding the location of your product source, and how you get the project. 

What to look for when carefully sourcing for your meat?

  • Processing.

As a consumer, you should demand to know how and where the processing of their meat occurs. Know where they get their meat from, is it locally or overseas? Where and when they test for bacteria.

  • Know who you are purchasing from.

Does your farmer rear cattle naturally or does he use antibiotics to make his cattle grow fast. Does he have the right certification? And a good and spacious space for the cattle. Papa Earth pasture-raised meat ensures they authentic meat all for you.

  • Open farms.

A farmer should be open to customers, this means that a customer may visit the place anytime. This is because if the farmers are genuine and authentic they won’t have anything to hide from anyone.

Importance of meat sourcing.

  • It ensures that what you paid for is what you get

Whenever a customer pumps money into an investment, he or she expects to get the amount of quality in the service to be better or equal to the money provided. This is the same with farming. Buyers want the money they pay bears quality staff.

  • It ensures you get the best quality.

Gong to the farms means for your supplier means understanding the process of breeding, sourcing, and supplying the meat. It helps in building a strong business bond.

  • Ensures farmers safeguard the animal’s environment.

Animals should be bred in a clean place where they can produce the best product. It makes sure that the environment around the animals is well kept and not destroyed. The animals should not be permitted to go out in wild weather. They deserve spacious housing where they cannot spread diseases easily.

  • Creating trust and a good bond for business.

Butches should have a good relationship with suppliers to help grow their businesses. This involves working together to achieve a goal. This bond even helps get the best deals in purchasing the meat.

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