What are the key points to be taken care of while writing an answer?

The way of writing a solution or answer to the question in the academic curriculum play a vital role in a student’s life. Answering the same sort of questions makes the student feel monotonous. Every subject and also each question has its own pattern of answering. For instance, consider the grade 10 it has various subjects and each subject answering varies from one to another. The syllabus prescribed for Class 10 intensifies the knowledge of the students and helps in scoring top grades in the upcoming board exams of Class 10. The solutions or answers must be furnished in such a way that it highlights and connects the practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. The answers to the questions directly or indirectly equate the concepts with live examples and focus on real-life applications. The examples and concepts are as per today’s open ended drift. Students can easily grasp the subject and build their own ideas and make new innovations if one knows the proper answering techniques.

Types of questions

Questions and answers lay the foundation for all the subject matter and assure that the basic concepts are crystal clear to the students. Students can easily get an idea about all sorts of questions and answers. The topics can easily relate to the day-to-day activities and helps in taking live examples for the concepts. This Lakhmir Singh Solutions comprises of various kinds of questions like multiple choice questions, match the following, name the following questions, fill in the blanks, very short answers, short answer type questions, long answer type questions and also questions based on diagrams. The students will have a complete idea of how to present the answer in the examination and will also come to know about the relevant points that must be included in the answers.  This enables self-confidence and students will have the urge to learn more.

Key points

The learner must be able to write an answer in a precise and crisp manner. Each answer must contain the relevant information or body of the solution. It is better to write an answer in a pointwise manner. Subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics with numerical must have an appropriate equation formula and units for the solution. Biology answers must contain in-depth descriptions and also the necessary diagrams related to the concepts. The Lakhmir Singh Solutions For Class 10 Biology is a complete set of solutions that has all the related questions and answers related to the subject. The major points, diagrams, equations, reactions, units and conclusions are the key points for writing and answering.

Questioning, learning and answering questions all are the stepwise process of the academic curriculum. Students can easily develop all the skills when the learner knows the methodology of answering the questions.  The proper skill of answering the questions plays an important role.

On answering more number of questions the student will be able to answer any sort of questions like short answer, objective, subjective, numerical and more. On keeping in mind the major key points while answering then automatically the grade shoots up and will be able to score more marks in the examination.

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