Why do your eyes hurt after digital work?

After we’ve spent a long day at work, all we want is to just relax. But relaxing isn’t easy when your eyes are straining. Ever wonder why that happens?

The answer is ‘digital eye strain’. We spend so much time on our devices without worrying about the catastrophic effects it has on our eyes. Our digital devices are badly reputed as they emit blue light that’s one of the biggest enemies of our peepers. It goes straight through your eyes on your retina and causes troubles with your vision.

What is digital eye strain?

So what exactly is digital eye strain and why does it happen? 

To put it in simple words, digital eye strain is the set of uncomfortable visual and physical symptoms that occur when our eyes are tired. Performing close-up tasks requires intense focus. But, if you do it for a long time, you may develop myopia or farsightedness. 

An average adult in the UK spends 6 hours in front of a digital screen whereas the children are reported to consume 7 hours of digital media every day. When we are looking at a digital screen, our eyes blink less that allows the easy transmission of blue light to our retina.  

Glasses with protective coatings can prevent your vision from declining due to screen exposure. As the lockdown has increased our screen time, more and more people are buying glasses online. If you are planning to do the same, look for an online company that offers same-day delivery for glasses. Specscart is one such company that gives the fastest glasses delivery in the UK. 

What is blue light?

Blue light is one of the visible lights in the coloured light spectrum and is present in the sunlight as well. 

Blue light has short waves that are more intense than any other type of light. They are easily scattered and less focused. This reduces the contrast on your screen and your eyes struggle to see the letters on the screen clearly. Not only this, the harmful blue waves weaken the light-sensing cells on your retina and hampers your vision.

Prolonged exposure to blue light without protective eyewear can lead to the early development of macular degeneration which is one of the leading causes behind blindness.

Blue light is also said to have adverse effects on your sleep/wake cycle as it interferes with the production of melatonin hormone. If you indulge in digital consumption in late hours, you might feel sleep-deprived and wake up all cranky the next morning.

What should you do? 

If you also have to spend endless hours working on a digital screen, you should consider buying blue light glasses. They are specifically made to stop the blue light during screen time. Moreover, you will also get relief from the symptoms of digital eye strain and you will be more productive at work. 

Even if you are buying online glasses to aid your vision, you can still add a blue light coating on their lenses. It will protect your eyes from feeling tired or hurt after a long day at work. 

The advanced filters on these glasses will curb any blue wave that tries to penetrate your eyes giving you the most comfortable screen viewing experience. 

What else can you do?

Apart from wearing protective eyewear, you can bring relief to your eyes by taking the following steps:


  • Use proper room lighting that is neither too bright nor too dark.
  • Cut down the glare either by wearing anti-glare glasses or make sure that the source of light is not placed behind your screen.
  • Adjust the brightness level on your digital screen and if possible install an anti-glare screen on the display. 
  • Blink more often to lubricate your eyes and block the blue waves from letting in. 
  • Take regular and short breaks from your screen. You can either take a short 20 seconds to break in every 20 minutes or slightly bigger breaks of 10 minutes in every hour. 
  • Look away from your screen when your eyes start to feel tired. Move them a little to change the focus. 
  • Eat a healthy diet so your eyes are healthy and strong from the inside. 

Although digital eye strain is temporary, blue light may have adverse effects on your eyes in the long run. Make sure you protect them with blue light glasses and take all the necessary measures to boost your eye health. 

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