Understand The Order Cancellation Policy Of Your PCB Manufacturer

One of the factors that is often overlooked by a number of customers when sourcing their PCBs is the order cancellation policy. It does not even occur to them that they need to check the order cancellation policy or order cancellation terms and conditions before placing the order. If you have not been paying attention to this factor or if you have been ignoring this factor then, you should change your approach. 

You might want to cancel your order for various reasons. When placing the order we may not have foreseen such factors but when things present themselves in an unexpected way, then you should not feel stuck. Before you place the order check with your manufacturer what is the timeframe for cancelling the orders and how much you are likely to lose canceling the orders at different stages of the production cycle. It is best to know what you are getting into so that you are better prepared and things do not come as a shock when you need to cancel your order with your PCB manufacturer

In certain instances cancelling will bring a higher percentage of loss than in others. If you are hiring a PCB manufacturer for PCB assembly needs then the rate of loss when you cancel the order is likely to be low because until they commence the assembly process there are no material costs. In case your PCB manufacturer is sourcing the PCB components for you then they may have issues with order cancellation especially when you have placed a huge order for order the PCB components with them. You will have to foresee all possible scenarios and get the most trusted manufacturers with a transparent returns and cancellation policies. In case you should have doubts regarding the cancellation policy published in the manufacturer’s website then it is crucial that you have your doubts clarified first before you place the order and this will save you from unnecessary frustrations down the line. 

You should review your own sourcing pattern to understand under which conditions you tend to cancel your orders and ensure that such scenarios are avoided when you place the order for PCBs. Even after taking all the necessary precautions, on may still need to cancel their orders and we cannot do anything about such situations. The goal here is that you should do whatever possible within your control to avoid cancellations so that you do not run into unnecessary losses. 

At time customers place the order with a particular company and learn later that the manufacturer does not enjoy good reputation for their quality and for their delivery turnaround times. In such situations you may want to change your manufacturer. Instead of placing the order and trying to cancel the order here, take your time first to review and screen your manufacturers so that you stay away from dubious companies. This will save you from unnecessary frustrations and losses down the line when sourcing your PCBs. 

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